13 Mothers and daughters who could be twins



Some people don’t really show their age. If they also have children who are like cut off from their faces, it can even happen that the generations are confused during the greeting.

The mother-daughter pictures make you rub your eyes in amazement. Who’s who here?

1.) Reese Witherspoon and her daughter.

2.) Hard to tell apart.

3.) That’s not Demi Moore’s little sister, it’s her daughter!

4.) The mother’s the one with the topknot.

5.) They’re both beautiful.

6.) Pink stands for both generations.

7.) Wearers of glasses with style!

8.) The mother’s the one on the far right.

9.) Both with the same curls.

10.) You can tell them apart by their eye color.

11.) On the way to conquering the world.

12.) Who’s who?

13.) Mother and her daughters!

That’s unbelievable! These women have either cloned themselves or they simply age differently than other people.



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