15 things you should know about dogs

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros

Dogs are tremendously faithful and loving animals, they certainly deserve to be man’s best friend. Whoever has a dog in their home will perfectly understand each of the moments described in this list, and if you don’t already have one, don’t miss any of them: you need to know everything.

Below we will explain a total of 15 things you should know about dogsAnd of course, don’t forget to comment since there are many more not to mention that make them special, fun and perfect.

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1. Who is there?!

Although not everyone, most dogs are natural watchdogs. It probably won’t be the first time your dog starts barking at the slightest noise at the door, wondering who should be there?

Discover also in ExpertAnimal tips to prevent my dog from barking. Although sincerely… Who doesn’t like their dog alerting them to any unwanted visitors? I love it!

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 1. ¡¿Quién hay?!

2. They won’t stop kissing you

Sometimes they can be a little persistent in their attempts to get attention by over-kissing you until they They fill your face with sweet drools. Sometimes they can even be exceeded by sticking their tongue in your nose or mouth.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 2. No paran de darte besos

3. Eternal puppies

Even if your dog is an adult or even elderly he’s always going to behave like a baby.is one of the sweetest and sweetest qualities that dogs have: they are very active and playful. Find the type of toy perfect for him and always encourage him to keep this attitude fun.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 3. Eternos cachorros

4. They despise their bed and prefer the floor.

That’s right, I do. You spent an hour riding it, you washed it with all your love, and he’s lying on the floor! It will be possible….

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 4. Desprecian su cama y prefieren el suelo

5. They’re a little stalky when there’s food involved.

The truth is, we all know what happens when a dog listen to the plastic sound of a bag of potatoes. Then they become tremendously obedient and put on a sweeter pity face…. Sometimes they just can’t control the distances.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 5. Son un poco acosadores cuando hay comida de por medio

6. His part of the bed and yours

Don’t expect your dog to want to share your own bed, what are you thinking?! If you’re not careful, it will end up throwing you out (or leaving you in the foot area).

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 6. Su parte de la cama y la tuya

7. They do mischief when you don’t see them.

The dogs love us so much that When we leave, they get really sad.and even chewing on shoes or any other object.

The most serious cases occur when they suffer from separation anxiety. Remember not to punish them but rather to help them solve the problem by the use of kong or active exercise.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 7. Hacen travesuras cuando no les ves

8. They get scared easily

Dogs can get scared when they encounter a object or pet you have not seen beforetheir reactions are really funny and surprising.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 8. Se asustan con facilidad

9. The look of”Are we going to the street?

Dogs enjoy walking very much. In addition to doing their own business, it’s a fun time for them. When they feel like going out You can sob a little bit. or insist on it with the leash in your mouth. They’re so cute!

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 9. La mirada de ¿nos vamos a la calle?

10. They go crazy when you get home.

Dogs are the most important thing are happy about your arrival at homethey just go crazy with happiness.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 10. Se vuelven locos cuando llegas a casa

11. They become your shadow

The truth is that when a dog loves you, he can’t help but follow you wherever you go: whether it’s to make you a piece of toast or to go to the bathroom, your dog can’t help it. he’ll be willing to follow you around forever.. All over the place. Without exception.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 11. Se convierten en tu sombra

12. They’ll want your baby like it’s theirs, too.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen what the first reaction from a dog on the arrival of a babybut the truth is that dogs have a sixth sense for it and understand the delicacy of a newborn baby. You will discover in your dog the most patient nanny that can exist.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 12. Querrán a tu bebé como si fuera suyo también

13. They’re always happy

A dog He doesn’t understand bad days or grudges.. You can always enjoy a good day with him if you set your mind to it. They are so grateful and sweet that by adopting a dog your life will become happy and positive. Check it out!

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 13. Siempre están contentos

14. They never get tired of your caresses

Unlike cats, unlike cats.A dog will never get tired of receiving caresses and pampering, in fact they may become a little insistent in their intention to receive attention.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 14. Nunca se cansan de tus caricias

15. They’re the best friend you can have.

Dogs are without a doubt the best life companions. Their loyalty, beauty, companionship and understanding are simply the best gift we can have in this life.

15 cosas que debes saber de los perros - 15. Son el mejor amigo que uno pueda tener

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