19 dogs who are afraid of little things


There are many people who are afraid of dogs. But even dogs are not immune to this feeling. And just like humans, dogs are afraid of harmless things.

1) “Take it away, take it away!”

2.) Just don’t leave the safe carpet!

3) “From which planet does this feathered animal come?”

4.) Fluffy attack!

5.) For humans it’s sweet, for this dog it’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

6) “My dog is terribly afraid of his birthday.”

7.) When master suddenly transforms himself into a conspecific.

8.) “Protect me from this beast!”

9.) Vacuum cleaners are bad enough as it is. Vacuum cleaner robots are just horror!

10.) “Please don’t … I can explain everything!”

11.) Autumn leaves aren’t his friend.

12.) “Soap bubbles? Is that what you call these scary ufos?”

13.) “30 kilo dog – is afraid of squeaky piggy.”

14.) Granted: That boar’s pretty scary already.

15.) “Get that thing out of my face!”

16) “She’s afraid of cars and immediately jumps into the bushes when she sees one.”

17.) “Up here the devil’s machine can’t touch me.”

18.) “When my dog is afraid of thunderstorms again.”

19.) I wonder which one’s more scared.

At least the fear of vacuum cleaners cannot be blamed on the dear four-legged friends. Do you know such four-legged “heroes”?

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