2 dogs do everything to save their owner


The love between dogs and their loved ones sometimes even prevents death. The following story from Rhineland-Palatinate shows this in a moving way. It all began in Ludwigshafen, Germany in the early morning of 24 July.

Christiane W. was still asleep in bed when she suffered a stroke. This led to an infarction of the prolonged medulla, where the respiratory centre is also located, which was damaged as a result. Actually, the 48-year-old would have had to pass away unnoticed if two heroic dogs had not prevented this.

Tyson and Bandit noticed that something was wrong and did everything without hesitation to save their dear owner. “Bandit pinched her and pulled her out of bed. Meanwhile, Tyson ran to the stairs and barked,” says Selina, one of Christiane’s daughters. Thanks to the persistent efforts of the two four-legged friends, the mother of two became conscious and clung to them.

Selina, who had taken her last school leaving examination some time before, was still in bed at this time, like her mother, and slept until she was awakened by Tyson’s barking and growling:

“All I could hear was whimpering. I ran downstairs and saw my mom. She was supported by Tyson and Bandit left and right. The left half of her face was hanging down, her leg wasn’t moving either. She could not speak and could only keep herself upright with the help of our dogs”, the young high school graduate says.

Together with her father Markus she called the emergency doctor who arrived a short time later. Finally, the 48-year-old was admitted to the emergency room. Christiane survived, although she now has to cope with the consequences of her stroke.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Without the heroic efforts of Bandit and Tyson, she would have left her husband Markus and their two daughters Selina and Jessica forever on that July 24th.

“If it weren’t for Bandit and Tyson, our mother would have just died in her sleep. She wouldn’t be here anymore! Our mum was 48 years old at the time and owes everything that happened from then on to them! She owes them her life!”, Selina writes.

Even after the stroke the two sweet pelt-noses were always a great help to their owner. They accompanied Christiane during her recovery so that she can find her way back to life:

“They walked slowly with her on the walker, practically showing her how to walk and stand up again. Sometimes, when we didn’t know what she meant exactly, the dogs did. They were not trained or similar, but behaved like real companion dogs/protection dogs. The two of them were around her every day and also helped her with orientation when we weren’t there”, Selina reports.

Tragically, Bandit and Tyson could not stand by their owner for much longer. In mid-2017, Bandit died one day after an operation due to a treatment error, Tyson succumbed to acute lymphatic leukemia in early 2019.

“Our mommy wants everyone to know what animals are capable of! They noticed before anyone else did. They are sensitive beings with a strong soul and they deserve for everyone to know what kind of heroes they are,” Selina writes.

Our parents have spent decades rescuing and adopting animals from the animal protection. Who would have thought that life would be so grateful and they would be saved by their animals. We are grateful for every day and as a family we will continue to take in animals one by one to thank our heroes, so that the place will never be empty because they would have wanted it that way,” says Jessica, Selina’s sister.

Many thanks to Selina, Jessica, Markus and Christiane from Ludwigshafen who sent us this story! Share this beautiful story with your friends and family!


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