6 easy tips for taking better care of your dog in the summer

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In the hot months it is important not only to keep dogs safe, but also to provide them with certain care and to keep them away from certain dangerous chemicals.

Follow these simple steps for taking better care of your dog in the summer.

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1. Take care of dog’s hair and nails

Make sure you keep your dog’s nails and hair cut during the summer months. Excess hair can cause the dog to suffer from heat, become tangled and harbor insects.

And keeping dog fingernails trimmed will help prevent infection.

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2. Make sure your dog always has water.

In summer it is a good idea to use a larger water bowl  make sure it’s always full to keep your dog well hydrated.

It is also a good idea to take a container and water in a bottle when you go out with your dog.

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3. Know the signs of heat stress

Signs of heat stress include excessive wheezing or difficulty breathing, increased heart rate and breathing, drooling, mild weakness, lethargy, and even fainting.

If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, take him to the shade, give him cold water to drink, and apply cold, moist towels to cool him down. Call the vet for safety.

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4. Never leave your dog in the car in summer

Car temperatures can rise quickly, so be sure to take your dog with you when you get out of the car.

If you have to leave your dog in the car make sure you leave the windows open.

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5. Provide plenty of shade

Whether they’re going to the beach or a park, make sure your dog has access to shade at all times.

Like humans, dogs can get sunburned, so they need to rest in the shade.

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6. Minimizes time in concrete or hot asphalt

Asphalt can easily burn a dog’s paws. Make sure you spend as little time there as possible, and as much time on the grass or fresh sand as possible.

Periodically check your dog’s legs for discoloration, cuts and bruises.


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