9 photos of hospital decorations, which shows Christmas spirit!


You’d think that Christmas and hospitals usually don’t have much in common, superficially seen this is probably true. Hospitals are not particularly decorated and not very colourful – and there it is a matter of life and death every day – whereas Christmas is responsible for is standing.

As if the hospital staff weren’t heroes enough already, some of them demonstrate especially during this time, how much their patients are worth and try everything to make them feel as good as they do at Christmas
as homely as possible.

The following 9 photos prove exactly that.

An ECG diagram made of green glitter

Photo: Imgur

A Christmas tree made of inflated surgical gloves

Photo: Imgur

A version without air

Photo: Imgur

A wreath of portable urinals

Photo: Imgur

Or even from urine cans

Photo: The Purple Quiltapotamus

Blood bag in the shape of a Santa shoe

Photo: bored panda

And another one who was hung in a tree

Photo: Blood bags of Santa Claus/Facebook.com

A festive reception at the entrance of a hospital

Photo: Imgur

And not to forget: the newborns, safely and warmly wrapped in large homemade socks

Photo: Imgur

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