A guide dog unexpectedly gives birth to puppies in an overcrowded airport and yes, it was recorded!


It was reported by FOX 13 NEWS that at Tampa International Airport there were many people who experienced a sweet pleasure. This happened while they were waiting for their flight. No one would ever have thought that they would see a dog at birth at an airport on this or any other day. Many passengers were delighted to share the experience.

The proud mother, Eleanor Rigby, gave birth to a litter of eight puppies while they waited at the airport. Eleanor is a guide dog who is a Labrador. She traveled together with the father of the puppies, Golden Nugget, and her owner, Diane Van Atter. Everything went well when Eleanor went into labor in the middle of the airport.

A happy chaos broke out when the audience realized what was going on. Most time travelers try to reach their next destination in the shortest possible time. But this small interruption happily distracted some travelers from their boring routine and helped make their day special.

It took more than 3 hours until all puppies were in the world. Many passengers stayed directly with them to see how everything became more and more exciting. Some posted it in the social media to talk about their own experiences. One person claimed to have been there since the birth of the fifth puppy. Another remembered the chaos at the airport about Eleanor.

“I’ve been here since puppy number five. It’s on Instagram; We get many Likes,” said a passenger to Fox News 13

She also describes how Eleanor was about to board a plane to Philadelphia when she went into labour. At this time the fire brigade came along and gave birth to the puppies. Now Eleanor is a mother with 7 boys and 1 girl. She’ll have her hands full!

Firefighters and paramedics from Tampa were happy to help and made sure that everything was as simple as possible for Eleanor. Everyone was born without complications and seemed healthy. The paramedics joked and said that the puppies would be named after them, with the girl named after the reporter who was there for Fox News 13, Natalia.

Eleanor, Golden Nugget and Diane Van After missed their scheduled flight, but they didn’t seem to mind. They didn’t have to be anywhere because they were on their way home. After all the excitement, home is exactly what they needed.

Unfortunately they could not travel with the airplane any more with newborn puppies. Driving was her only option. This is so that the puppies are as safe as possible. Most airlines will not accept newborns who are less than two days old, and sometimes they have guidelines that require the baby to be older than two weeks.

With dogs, the waiting time is even longer. Too bad they couldn’t fly, but I’m sure their ride with all these little puppies was very fun!

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