A lost dog was found after 4 months. The owner drove 1,600 miles for reunification


Many classic stories have been told about the connection between a man and his dog. When a beloved pet disappears, some people do not give up hope of being reunited, even if several months have passed. Most dog owners would probably be willing to travel quite far to get their pet back, but this story shows how far some people go.

Dara Prak of Houston, Texas, had probably given up ever seeing his beloved Pitbull Titan again after it had been stolen from Dara’s backyard. As reported in ABC 13, the thief had left the collar behind, so something was obviously wrong. When his dog was gone, Dara’s heart was broken, so he immediately started looking for his missing pit bull.

Dara began using social media to publish news about his missing pet, and he visited several shelters in the Houston area to see if Titan had been found and dropped off at any of the facilities. Dara never gave up hope that he could find Titan again. He admits, however, that his hopes began to fade after three months.

A few months later, due to the wonders of modern technology, Dara received an amazing call from an animal shelter in South Carolina. The employee asked Dara if he missed his dog because Titan had a microchip under his skin that revealed his owner’s name and the location of his house.

Dara and his girlfriend immediately set off on a road trip, that stretched over 1600 miles.so they could see their beloved dog again. When they arrived at the shelter and found their lost dog, it was obvious that he had been abused. The home workers had no information about where the dog had been in recent months.

On the other hand, the staff of the shelter expect Titan to recover completely. An emotional video was recorded capturing the tearful reunion of Dara and his beloved dog.

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