A man forced his wife to choose between her dogs and him, and she stayed with the dogs.


Luck for Liz Haslam is the time she spends protecting dogs and caring for those among them who need her help. In return she receives gratitude and love from the dogs.

Liz has often said that she wouldn’t change her relationship with the dogs for anything in the world. And she means that literally.

Liz told Express that she met Mike, her current ex-husband, and fell in love with him when she was just 16 years old. Shortly after high school they got married.

The newly wed couple settled in a two-room apartment in the country in England in Barnham, Suffolk. The couple became parents of a child they called Ollie and was married for 25 years.

Unfortunately, the love Liz and Mike shared proved to be unviable in the face of all obstacles.

One day Mike confronted his wife with the unusual circumstances in which they lived. He must have been totally shocked by what happened next.

Liz explains that Mike set her the “either the dogs or me” ultimatum. She also says that this was the last day she saw or heard from her husband.

The reason for the problem? Liz decided that moving to the country would give her the opportunity to start a business that would probably earn her more love than money.

Liz set up a foundation to help Bull Terriers in need. She called the foundation Beds for Bullies. Her husband felt that the dogs were a problem in their relationship. He also found that the presence of behavioural difficulties and medical problems in most of the dogs meant that they would never find a new home.

Liz says Mike knew how she felt about the dogs. And after 25 years he should have known that she would never let her puppies down.

Liz says she doesn’t blame Mike for not loving dogs the way she loves them. She said they both understood after the ultimatum that they had different ideas. The decision to end the marriage was a healthy one for both sides.

Liz currently looks after 30 dogs and many of them need medical help. She says she couldn’t be happier with her life.

What do you think of Liz’s commitment to the dogs she cares for? Did you feel sorry for Mike? 


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