Abandoned dog howled for days on a parking


A beautiful white dog  was abandoned by her owner on a parking lot in front of a Sam’s Club and left to herself. The poor dog cried for days with no help in sight. This cruel incident occurred in a neighborhood near Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

According to the Sam’s Club staff, the abandoned dog ran to every car in the parking lot. She seemed to be looking in the cars for her owner.

Fortunately, a volunteer from the Arrow Dog Rescue organization noticed the dog after shopping. Mary Murphy couldn’t get close enough to the dog to put a collar on her.

Instead of scaring the dog, she waited patiently. Mary got herself a chair, a good book and her own pet. She hoped that her dog would make the abandoned dog come closer.

Dogs tend to trust other dogs more than strangers. After years of volunteering with street dogs, Mary understood how to deal with such traumatized animals.

After three long days of perseverance and patience, Mary and Jeff Guy, the owner of a local car shop, won the dog’s trust. Jeff called her Samantha and she’d keep that name.

He even donated voluntarily for the medical costs of the dog’s recovery. Samantha spent a total of nine days desperately waiting for her owner in the parking lot.

According to Arrow Dog Rescue, Samantha is alive and continue living. The rescued dog is recovering with Mary and is brought to Illinois in the morning to start a new life.

After Samantha’s story was told in the social media, hundreds of families and individuals signed up to adopt the cute dog. The volunteers at Arrow Dog Rescue were overwhelmed by the reactions. The charitable organization finally decided on a foster family and a few other supporters in case of an emergency.

After Samantha was taken to her long-term home, she was shy at first. Finally the dog opened up to the family and couldn’t be happier. After nine days of insecurity and fear, Samantha is blessed with a safe and loving home.

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