After 62 years of marriage – couple falls asleep hand in hand one last time


Many people dream of finding their soul mate.

Some people look for it all their lives. Others are happy enough to find the one person who will make their lives complete.

That’s how it was with Tom and Delma Ledbetter – it’s difficult to get a love story as incredible as hers.

Source: Dignity Memorial/Ledbetter Family

The history of the Ledbetters is no fiction. The couple got to know each other in the early 20’s through mutual friends, reports Click2Houston.

On their first date, they just drove around in the car.

“They drove around two or three blocks or so and they came back and parked and he told me that he leaned over and took her hand and he said, ‘I don’t know what made me do that. I just leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.'”says Donetta Nichols, one of the couple’s daughters.

Source: Dignity Memorial/Ledbetter Family

Tom and Delma married only three weeks later and 62 years later they were still inseparable.

Two daughters followed shortly thereafter, then grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Their life was filled with love and happiness.

Sadly, the health of Delma in April 2017.

She was taken to a nursing home and only a few days later Tom also felt sick.

“We took him over to the nursing home with his mom. They pushed their little beds together and Mama lay there looking directly at him. She fell asleep and Papa bent over and grabbed her hand and just lay there with her and it was so sweet.”Donetta Nichols describes the situation.

Source: Dignity Memorial/Ledbetter Family

The couple died hand in hand only one and a half hours apart.

One of their granddaughters, Stephanie, took a picture of the two in their last moments together.

The heartbreaking photo spread rapidly on the Internet and touched millions of people.

“It was exactly how they wanted to leave,” Donetta explained. “It couldn’t have been better.”

Tom and Delma lie side by side in the Restwood Memorial Park in Texas, USA.

Source: NBC News/KPRC

Love: The strongest force in the universe.

The story of Tom and Delma makes you believe in true love.

Despite the death of the two, one should not be sad about their story, but rejoice how they took their love with them into eternity.

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