Austria: Animal rights activists saved 18 huskies from a 50 square meter apartment – they were completely emaciated and scared.


If you decide to take in a dog or a cat, you have to be aware of the responsibility you have.

Because pets don’t just need care and punctual feeding, they also need affection and a certain amount of exercise.

Especially with huskies, which are actually bred for it, in order to deny sleddog-races and sled-races. This shows that a 1-room apartment is not enough and that you often have to go outside with them.

All the more frightening is the discovery made by animal rights activists in the Austrian village of Kirchdorf. They found not only one, but 18 huskies in a flat of only 50 square meters.

Many dogs suffer when they don’t get enough exercise and have to spend most of their time alone in an apartment. They can hardly wait until their owner finally back and can take them outside.

Therefore, the idea of keeping 18 dogs in an apartment that is far too small is simply terrible.

But this has now happened in Austria, like Today reported.

According to this, animal rights activists became aware of an apartment in which, in addition to a married couple, there were also a disproportionate number of dogs. More precisely, it was a 50 square meter small apartment with 18 huskies.

Unworthy conditions

The animal rights activists reported that the dogs only had a very small shed as a run and thus did not remotely get the movement they needed.

An official doctor had given this order to the animal rights activists and it was indeed a last-minute rescue.

All the animals were emaciated, jumpy and afraid of the animal rights activists who wanted to free them from this hell.

For six small puppies this liberation was particularly vital. They were just four weeks old puppies.

Meanwhile ten dogs, among them the puppies, were brought to an animal shelter in Freistadt, the rest was distributed to animal shelters in Upper Austria.

Opposite today an employee of the Freist├Ądter Tierheim said:

“We’re going to feed them properly now and feed them well. Especially in the next days there will be some appointments with the veterinarians. The babies must stay with us for about nine weeks before they can be forgiven.”

On their Facebook page the animal shelter Freistadt asks therefore for food donations for the fur noses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the commitment of the animal protectionists and wish all our fur noses a wonderful future.

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