Bahamas: About a month after hurricane “Dorian” a dog was found in ruins, emaciated but alive!


About a month ago a terrible hurricane called “Dorian” raged on the Bahamas, causing much chaos and destruction on the island.

Unfortunately, this natural disaster also resulted in thousands of deaths and hundreds were missing, which should not go unmentioned in this context.

But also in this dark hour some people showed again how big their heart is and what they are able to do to help other people as well as animals. For example, a woman took 97 street dogs into her house, and we reported that this place about it.

Thank God the hurricane has flattened out and people can start cleaning up, but there is still great news today.

One month later a little dog was rescued from the rubble by rescuers.

One often underestimates what the human body is capable of and how much the power also depends on one’s own psyche.

Even if everything seems hopeless, as long as the spirit has not given up yet, one can create everything.

That this does not apply to us humans, however, is proven in these days by a brave puppy, which according to the American news channel CNN from the debris left behind by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

All those involved speak of miracles

Chase Scott, spokesman for the animal welfare organisation, spoke to the radio station. Sauvetage au ranch Big Dog of a “miracle” when they discovered the emaciated dog.

With the help of a drone and infrared rays the fur nose could be located and luckily the helpers arrived just in time.

The animal was buried under a collapsed building, above it lay broken glass and other furnishings such as an air conditioner.

Photo : PalmBeachPost/ (capture d’écran)

According to Scott, the 1-year-old hybrid was “only a skeleton and no longer able to walk on his own”.

But even though the dog was in such a cruel state, he wagged his tail excitedly when he finally saw his rescuers.

Photo : PalmBeachPost/ (capture d’écran)

The spokesman also let the public know:

“After this miracle, we now take care of him and then prepare  for the adoption, if his owner should not contact us by then.

We were able to bring together some families with their missing pets who they thought had died in the hurricane or were separated during the evacuation. Such a case naturally nurtures further hopes.”

Photo : PalmBeachPost/ (capture d’écran)

Below in the video you can have a look at the complete video yourself:

Of course it’s just terrible what the inhabitants of the Bahamas had to go through.

Therefore such successful rescues are balm for the soul and hopefully more people can draw new strength from them for the future.

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