Bahamas: Hurricane “Dorian” rages on the island – animal lover picks up 97 street dogs and let them live in her house!


If there are thunderstorms or natural disasters in the world, we humans have enough opportunities to protect ourselves from them.

Depending on how far in advance you know when a storm will hit you, you can take action and possibly minimise the damage.

The animals, who live in the wild, are different.

Of course, they do not know what is happening around them and how best to protect themselves.

This is what happens to many animals in the Bahamas, where hurricane “Dorian” rages and frightens all inhabitants.

A woman proves in these times however particularly her charity and shows thereby her large heart for street dogs.

Especially in emergency situations it is important to help each other and animals should by no means be excluded.

A woman with a big heart in the Bahamas shows that this is possible despite difficult circumstances.

Hurricane “Dorian” is raging there at the moment and how RTL the animal lover Chella Phillips couldn’t help but help the four-legged fur noses.

The whirlwind, which sweeps over the island at wind speeds of up to 300 km/h, threatens not only humans but also innocent animals.

Among them are also street dogs, which sadly are not taken care of so thoroughly, but in these hours are particularly dependent on help.

Charity also for dogs

Chella Phillips, who took 97 of the homeless dogs without further ado, was also aware of this. And as you can imagine, her life has changed from the ground up since then.

Because within their own four walls there is now an animal chaos, which is not limited to one room only.

According to this, 79 dogs have even made themselves comfortable in the bedroom, where they live as if they were still in the great outdoors.

According to Philipps, they put “uninterruptedly” heaps there and don’t hold back with excretions also otherwise.

The dog lover can call only her bed as a clean zone her own.

Because the hurricane is a real threat to the lives of the furry noses, Phillips can no longer let them out. Instead, they are in safety and can listen to music and enjoy the cold breeze of air conditioning.

But of course the accommodation also costs money and the local animal shelters are so overcrowded that they cannot help the animal rescuer much.

That’s why Philipps set up a crowdfunding site.

Up FundRazr every animal person has the opportunity to support Phillips’ great cause.

In a Facebook post she also describes her motivations and reports that she includes the dogs in her prayers:

“Only God can protect her now.”

You can’t thank the animal heroine often enough for everything she takes on to save the lives of innocent street dogs.

At the same time, one can only hope that the hurricane will soon stop and normalcy will come to the Bahamas.

Share this article if you want to thank Chella Phillips for her efforts and hope that during the hurricane still rages no one comes to harm.


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