Car driver kicked stray dog, but dog came back with his friends, watch what they did to the car!


People who mistreat animals or treat them badly are unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary anymore, we often hear about it and read a lot about it.

For reasons I do not understand, many people still consider it right to reject or even physically abuse animals with which we share the planet. Some do it to show how much power they have, others do it because they enjoy it.

The reasons don’t really matter, unfortunately one has to live with the fact that not all animal abusers are caught and get their just punishment. All the more beautiful it is when the karma strikes back and allows the innocent animals revenge.

As in the following case, where a man in China wanted to drive his car to a parking lot, but saw a stray dog there. But instead of lovingly persuading him to leave, the man got out and kicked the dog.

He not only got his desired parking space, but also the full force of justice…

According to several reports the dog came a short time later and still had his friends with him. They immediately attacked the car and the evildoer’s neighbour recorded everything on tape.

What: YouTube

It is suspected that the man had kicked the dog in front of his house in Chongqing instead of simply honking his horn or chasing the dog away.

So he chose the physical way and didn’t even think about how else to get the dog from his parking lot.

Violence leads to violence, they say proverbially. So when the man got out of the car and went home, the kicked dog came back with his comrades and they took revenge together.

What: YouTube

The dogs then began to nibble on the car, the paintwork was affected as well as the windshield wipers and well, everything the teeth got to grasp.

What: YouTube

Fortunately the neighbour was able to hold everything and he uploaded all the footage on the internet. It’s really as brilliant as it sounds.

No one should get away with mistreating an innocent animal. We’re just hoping the man learned his lesson.

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