Cat from shelter couldn’t find new home because of “unfavorably shaped fur”


At any time there are countless cats and dogs in shelters just waiting to be adopted and find a home.

This is especially true for a cat that is sitting in an animal shelter and became currently viral. But their peculiarity could also be an obstacle at the same time.

The Mini Kitty Commune, a nonprofit cat rescue organization in Australia, is currently looking for a new home for one of its most prominent roommates, the 9-year-old cat named Daisy.

The shelter says the cat is looking for a wonderful home and “ready to snuggle up to anything and happily watch the world pass by.”

But what stands in her way? Well, maybe it’s because many people in the shelter can’t overlook the “unfavorable fur shape in the face”. You’d better see for yourself:

While many people mean well with the cat and describe it as “angel” or its fur as “heart”, the opinion of many others goes nevertheless into a completely different direction.

Of course the shelter also sees it, otherwise it wouldn’t have pointed it out at all, but it also wants people to overlook it and notice what a beauty Daisy is.

“She is very easy to take care of and doesn’t want too much, she loves the company of people, but was also together with other cats and will get along well with new ones after a short time”, wrote the home at Facebook.

Daisy is also microchipped and vaccinated.

But the uncensored sign has also made Daisy famous. The shelter told UNILAD that the cat “had become a star on the Internet as a result.”

But the reactions were very different:

“We’ve had a few reactions from people who thought it was funny, and others have gotten angry because we’ve been so open about it,” said one Mini Kitty community worker.

But there is good news: Daisy found someone who loves her for who she is. The home told UNILAD that Daisy was in the middle of adoption, just like her sister Mollie.

“She’s very sweet, she took the whole procedure well,” said one employee. “The potential owner was great with Daisy and Mollie.”

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