Cat Kathryn adopted puppies whose mother dog died!


There are many people who firmly believe that cats and dogs are enemies and cannot stand each other.

Cat lady Kathryn now shows these people how it is in real life. Their love knows no bounds.

She was there for orphaned puppies when they needed it most and gave them the love they deserved.

Cat lady Kathryn was found in an empty rented apartment where she looked after her own newborn kitten. Then she came to the shelter, but for her beloved babies any help came too late.

Izelle Marallich decided to take the cat that had been on the floor with her and quickly noticed that Kathryn was missing something.

She was still full of love for her little kittens, which she had suddenly lost.

“She was very loving and was not afraid at all of my foster dogs. She gradually approached them,” Marallich explained to them. The Dodo.

“Besides, she slept with us and held on to us. It was like she couldn’t get enough love.”

Kathryn’s love knows no bounds

Despite all the affection Izelle gave the cat, she quickly noticed that she was missing something.

“She was very restless and cried as she looked for her babies.”

But then everything should change. One day the family had a new member. This time there were three puppies whose mother had died.

Who wouldn’t be predestined to care if it weren’t cat lady Kathryn?

“The dogs were a little confused at first and withdrew at first.”

But Kathryn was stubborn. She didn’t want to leave the puppies alone. “She wouldn’t let anyone stop her from cleaning the little ones.”

The cat followed the puppies day and night at every turn. It was like she had her beloved kittens back.

Thanks to adoptive mother Kathryn the puppies have found a loving mother and a new home after all. And Mama Kathryn has rediscovered a meaning in her life.

Since then, Kathryn has not been too sad to keep looking after new “orphans” and raising them.

What great and sugar-sweet pictures.

Kathryn shows that a mother’s love knows no bounds.


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