Children’s Christmas choir gives goose bumps during the performance


It won’t be long until Christmas, so the strength will soon reach its peak.

I don’t know about you, but for me the best thing about the Christmas season is that this pure and unadulterated cheerfulness moves the masses.

Appearances like the following one in the video also make sure that the mood and with it the cheerfulness increases more and more.

The video shows a recording of the Saint Elizabeth childcare in Jersey City, USA, and is filled with all the joy we need in our lives. You don’t believe us? Then go down and see for yourself…

Great entertainment

From the moment the curtain is pulled up and 20 children in green costumes are seen, it is clear that it can’t get much sweeter. The preschoolers are nervous while the parents wait in suspense… all the ingredients needed for a hit.

According to Faith Tap, the choreography should be such that all children should stand in their place and from there perform their dance steps.

You can see how many of the little ones are really in the Christmas mood and sing along to the music – to no other song than Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.

When the song starts to play, the children immediately get going. You want a smile?

Then be sure to watch the video below:

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