Couple adopted puppy, but they didn’t expect what happened next!


It’s always exciting when you decide to adopt a dog. You start with research and visit animal shelters to find the dog that best fits your family.

The same happened to Robert Markham, who agreed with his wife to adopt a dog as long as it was not too big. So one day she came home with a dog and was told that it was a Jack Russel Terrier. Her husband was also satisfied with this, because he knew that this breed in particular was not going to be very big.

Then Yogi Bear, as the dog’s name suggests, became bigger and bigger and Robert found it very suspicious.

Dog doesn’t stop growing

Sue Markham was very excited when she was looking for a suitable dog for her home. She knew that her husband didn’t want a big dog, so she looked for small breeds in animal shelters in the area.

One day she came home with a small dog and told her husband that he was a Jack Russel Terrier, at least she thought so…

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As time went by, the new family member grew bigger and bigger.

Then it came out that the dog was actually a Bost Great Dane. Robert didn’t know until then that this hairy giant would take a big place in her life.

Over 90 kilograms weight

Meanwhile Robert had got used to the growing dog, he was also not angry that they were told the wrong breed, because Yogi Bear had easily conquered his heart.

The giant Great Dane currently weighs about 90 kilograms and is 1.80 meters long, measured from the muzzle to the tail.

“At the beginning I thought ‘How much work can a Jack Russel do’,” Sue Markham told the Daily Mail. “When he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russel who came towards us in the park and he also had that huge tongue hanging out of his mouth and a cock the size of a baseball bat.”

Scrambled eggs and sausages

The couple has fallen head over heels in love with their hairy giants and Yogi Bear is quite spoiled these days.

The Markham family spends over $250 a month on his food, his favourite dishes are scrambled eggs and sausages.

What: YouTube

Yogi Bear also has a small dog as his best friend, named Toffee, who according to the article loves to cuddle and hang out with Yogi.

Watch the gigantic Great Dane in the video below. Really an impressive dog!

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