Dalmatian gave birth to record-breaking number of puppies, all 19 survived!


Imagine you would have to take care of several children, how many would you be overwhelmed with? Two? Four? More than six?

Then imagine if you had to take care of 19.

On 13 June this year, Melody, a Dalmatian dog, gave birth to a record number of puppies. The 19 puppies from Albury, Australia, broke a record set in 2017 when 17 puppies born.

Melissa O’Brien, who held Dalmatians for 13 years, showered the dotted fur noses with love all these years. Was therefore not particularly surprised about the big litter, because it lies “in her blood”, but this record-breaking number of puppies was then nevertheless surprising.

“If you skip the record, it’s great all of them survived. We had to raise her with the bottle to relieve her of some of the mother’s work,” Melissa told Le Canberra Times.

Before Melody could give birth to all her puppies, Melissa prepared everything for a Caesarean section. The reason for this was the weight of 15 kilograms that the Dalmatian dog had to carry around.

When her water broke, the 3-year-old dog was delivered immediately to the vet, because “if we had waited a few more hours, we would have had many dead puppies”.

A veterinarian and eight other helpers assisted with the birth of the puppies.

The Dalmatian puppies, named after Disney movies, all developed their own personalities and will all be coming to their new homes in the coming weeks.

For the proud parents Melody and Lukas, the seven year old father, it will remain the only offspring.

“It is definitely Melody’s first and only litter, I had already decided to neuter before the puppies were born,” Melissa said.


An Albury dog is in the spotlight after delivering a record-breaking litter of puppies. #9News | http://9News.com.au

Posted by 9 News on Monday, July 29, 2019

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