Depressive donkey misses his mama, watch their reunion!


The bond between parents and children is the strongest there is and this is not only the case with people.

It breaks my heart every time I hear stories from parents who have been separated from their children, the grief and mental agony must be unbearable.

At the Speranza animal rescue centre in Pennsylvania, USA, a sweet baby donkey was brought in, but after some time the employees noticed that the animal, called Colonel, was a loner.

There were days when it sounded like Colonel was yelling and crying for his mama. The employees who took care of him were loudly The Dodo really sad.

Colonel misses his mama.

Colonel had a nice home in the help center, he was even allowed to run free on a farm.

But it seemed as if he was a loner, he had no interest in dealing with the other animals.

“Definitely a loner at first… he was very shy, not very trustful, you could already see that he missed his mommy”, the founder of the Speranza Animal Rescue Centre told the The Dodo.

Colonel Sanders was rescued along with his mother Mary Poppins, but the people they rescued could not keep them, so they were given to two different rescue sites.

Source: The Dodo

Employees Janine said she had heard that Colonel’s mom Mary Poppins had never been picked up by another agency, so she smelled the chance to get her and reunite with Colonel.

“Being seven days apart doesn’t seem like a long time for mother and son, but after the two got back together, I changed my mind,” Janine added.

Two Alpacas

The reaction of the two when they meet again is simply beautiful! They are both so excited and the sounds coming out of their mouths I have never heard before in this form!
Now the two live on a larger horse dome, with two more alpacas, and couldn’t be happier.

Look at the wonderful reunion downstairs:

The bond that reigns between parents and their children is the strongest in both humans and animals.


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