Dog Ayra went swimming unsuspectingly, did not arrive alive at home any more


When the weather is nice and the temperatures hot, many people like to take their dogs to the lake to cool off.

In these places both owners as well as our four-legged friends can swim!

Some can take a sunbath, while others prefer a bath in the cool water. So there’s something for everyone.

That’s what Morgan Fleming and her husband thought when they drove with their dog Arya to a lake in the US state of Georgia. But what happened after the trip will be remembered by all as a painful experience.

In many cases one is not very conscious at all, where in the everyday life dangers for humans and animal lurk everywhere.

While, for example, it is more than obvious in road traffic, one does not count so much on the fact that even in idyllic places like a lake, dramas can occur.

Now a couple from the US state of Georgia had to experience this painfully on their own bodies, as the focus reported.

It all started when Morgan Fleming and her husband Patrick had the idea to spend a wonderful day at a lake together with their sweet bitch Ayra.

What at first sounded like a nice excursion became a real nightmare in the course of time. Morgan reported it on Facebook:

“We took our sweet Ayra to the lake and had the best day.”

She romped around in the water and had a lot of fun playing with her ball and visibly enjoyed being with Morgan and Patrick.

But on the way home the bitch behaved strangely.

Ayra first made strange noises in the car and even a pile on the seat, so the couple immediately called the vet and drove their dog  to the practice. When Ayra arrived there, she was already so physically stricken that she could no longer keep herself on her feet.

After a short examination the veterinarian sent the three immediately to the emergency department of an animal hospital.

Sadly, it was already too late, as Morgan wrote in her post:

“When we got there, she was already brain dead.”

It is believed that toxic blue-green algae were responsible for Ayra’s untimely death.

Disaster for family

For the couple, the world ended that day:

“We’ve lost our funny, loving and crazy girl.

Arya, no dog will ever replace you.”

Blue-green algae are cyanobacteria that develop when too many nutrients are present in lakes and high temperatures. Through intensive fertilization in agriculture, it can happen that they find their way into lakes.

Animals, like Ayra unfortunately, can die by drinking the water from the consequences of poisoning. For small children and people with a weakened immune system, these algae can also become dangerous.

If you swallow the water, you may suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting, so the authorities warn this risk group to stay away from lakes with blue-green algae.

Unfortunately, for poor Ayra, any help came too late.

Rest in peace, little furry nose.

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