Dog fell from 9th floor of the balcony, camera recorded what a passerby did!


It is proverbially said that a cat has nine lives, but in the following case Mel the Shih Tzu dog has all the luck on her side in a truly life-threatening situation.

The curious creature put itself in danger when it was discovered by a passer-by on a balcony on the 9th floor of an apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

If this hero hadn’t been there at that very moment, Mel probably wouldn’t be alive anymore.

The curious little dog managed to get through the railing on the balcony and found herself in a really dicey situation.

Thanks to the Brazilian Joao Augusto, who discovered the dog and immediately called the owner to lay out towels in case Mel fell on the balcony.

But then he had no idea that the situation was getting worse.

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From 30 meters into the depth

The little Mel did not fall onto the balcony, but 30 meters into the depth towards Joao, who was standing down on the street.

Cameras captured this exciting moment as Joao spread his arms, hoping to catch the little furry nose.

Luckily, he really made it and the dog landed in his arms, but with such force that it pulled the rescuer to the ground himself.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch a dog, but I hoped it would at least cushion the impact a bit,” Joao told Le Daily Mail.

“I lay on the floor for a few seconds afterwards, but only because I was so relieved. I think I was in the right place at the right time.”

What: YouTube

Thankfully neither of them was harmed and Mel’s owner has meanwhile put nets around his balcony so it can never fall out again.

Watch down in the video how Joao manages to catch the little Mel:

Luckily, Joao was on the street at the very moment that little Mel fell off. That’s how he saved her life.

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