Dog hairdresser kicked small dog until the ribs broke


Have you ever sent your dog to a hairdresser? With such facilities one should always have the feeling that the small fur nose is in good hands and is treated with respect.

Unfortunately, this was different for a dog hairdresser in the US state of Iowa.

A hot-blooded and angry 22-year-old took a bite of a little Corgi.

Originally, the offender was sentenced to two years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty.

Lucas Van Orden, a dog hairdresser, kicked little Corgi Jasper as he cut his fur.

The result of the abuse was several broken ribs and a lung injury.

Source: Reddit

Jaspe had to be treated in intensive care, but fortunately he was able to fully recover.

His owner published the case on Redditwhere he explained that the poor furry nose was in great pain.

It took six weeks for the dog to fully recover.

“I tried to lift him up, but he screamed in pain. I went straight to the vet clinic. He had three, maybe four broken ribs and a bad swelling.”

Source: Reddit

When the police investigated, Van Orden confessed that he had kicked the dog while cutting its fur. He was released immediately.

“The injury and mistreatment of animals is of course not permitted in any way and will not be tolerated”, the clinic said.

The perpetrator was also called to court.

He should have received two years imprisonment for his crimes, but because he pleaded guilty, there was only two years probation.

Source: Reddit

For many animal rights activists this probation is clearly too low.

“We look to our animals as companions, so they are part of the family. They’re not human, but they deserve rights. Here it was simply treated as if someone had parked wrongly or was driving too fast, but my dog was in incredible pain and almost died.”

Source: Reddit

We’re hoping Jasper’s perfectly all right.

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