Dog in the shelter saved best friend hours from putting asleep by hugging her!


A very touching story has made it rounds in the social media after a dog in an animal shelter called Angel Among Us Pet Rescue saved his best friend from death with a single hug. When Kala embraced Keria in a heart-rending way, she showed the world that love has the power to save lives.

With so many shelter dogs bursting at the seams for street dogs, it has become common practice to put animals to sleep if they are not adopted within a certain period of time. For a dog, this fateful day was getting closer and closer, so the shelter staff, in desperation, posted a photo on Facebook, The Telegraph reports.

In the photo Kala has wrapped her forelegs around Keira while they sit in their common cage. “If no one saves us, she will be taken from me,” it said in the heartbreaking description below the photo.

The photo immediately became viral on the Internet and was shared thousands of times within minutes. A local resident saw the photo and made his way to the shelter to meet them. Within a few hours another photo was posted together with their new loving owner.

If you didn’t believe in it before, this should now be proof that a single post can save the lives of cute shelter dogs who are still looking for their perfect home. You can help make more happy ending stories possible for dogs like Kala and Keira by sharing this emotional story and encouraging friends and family to adopt from a local shelter.


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