Dog was adopted after he waited near his dead owner bed


It was a photo that had broken the hearts in the Internet: A dog waits completely devastated on the ground at the bed of his dead owner.

But what began as a picture of a tragedy became a story of hope and a second chance for a faithful fur nose.

Life has never been easy for Moose, a three-year-old Labrador mix. He was found tied to a road sign in the state of Georgia and taken to an animal shelter. That was in August 2017.

There he waited for a family to take him in. Without success. As he grew older, it looked as if he would never be adopted and would eventually be euthanized as a victim of the overcrowded shelter.

Then he was transferred to another animal shelter in New Jersey misplaced. At least there was no danger of him falling asleep.

“In our facility, Moose made many new acquaintances with the volunteers, the shelter wrote on their Facebook page. “His happy personality and love for life inspired us.”

Then Moose got a new chance in life: A man came to the animal shelter and immediately built up a loving connection to the four-legged friend. It looked like Moose had finally found his “home”.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. His owner died of cancer just a year later.

Moss’s heart was broken and he wondered why his owner didn’t come back.

“Moose saw that his owner was not lying in his hospital bed and waited for him,” Linda Barish, member of the Eleventh Hour Organisation, told Aujourd’hui.

Source: Onzième heure Rescue/Facebook

His owner’s keeper tried to cheer the dog up, but couldn’t – Moose came back to his old friends at the Eleventh Hour facility.

“When his owner died, it was clear that shelter would take him back,” Barish explains at Good Morning America.

The shelter published a heartbreaking photo of Moose waiting near the hospital bed.

Suddenly the dog, who tried his whole life to get a loving home, got countless adoption offers. Even families from Australia wanted to take him in.

“In a million years, we wouldn’t have believed something like this would happen.” “So many people wanted to help him.”

Moose then joined a family from New Jersey who were one of the first to contact the shelter. Turns out they mourned just like Moose did. They had lost their 14-year-old family dog.

“We’ve been looking for the best lotion for moss. The family is friends with one of our volunteers, so we always know indirectly that he’s fine.”

The family shared photos of Moose in his new home.

“He’s doing great,” writes his new owner. “He’s getting used to very well and is a love bug.”

What began as one of the most heartbreaking stories ends happily. The hope remains that this story will remind others that there are many dogs looking for a loving home.

We wish Moose and his new family all the best!


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