Dog owner mourned her deceased dog & got fired for it


If we have a dog or another pet, it is clear very quickly that the little animal has a firm place in our family.

That is also why it is a great pain when we lose our beloved companion.

Death is something we naturally have to deal with in the course of our lives. But exactly this processing can take some time when someone beloved leaves us.

That’s exactly why a young woman wanted to get a few days off at work to deal with her dog’s death.

Glasgow/Scotland: 18-year-old Emma McNulty worked in a restaurant. Always at her side was her little family dog Millie.

Emma was devastated. She needed distance and time to mourn. So she asked her boss to take the day off.

However, the answer of her superior shocked her deeply. He’s supposed to have fired her immediately!

Dog owner mourns her deceased dog & gets fired for it

Emma grew up with Yorkshire Terrier Millie. It was a heavy blow when Millie died. According to her own statement she had been so sad and upset that she felt unable to work.

She informed the management about this. However, manager haven’t accepted the death of her dog as a valid excuse. A cold day would not be granted.

“Instead of showing the compassion that is actually noted in the contract, a number of bad messages were sent to me and I had to find a replacement for my shift,” Emma explains.


How Le Soleil she couldn’t find a replacement for her shift. She was then told that she didn’t have to show up for the whole week.

Thereupon the 18-year-old Scot reached a mail. There she learned that she had been dismissed for “misconduct”.

Petition for funeral leave

Emma knew she couldn’t be alone with such a bad experience.

She decided to take Petition to start and to work with this for a mourning leave with the death of a domestic animal.

“A family pet (in my case my dog) has as much meaning as a human family member. It is time for companies to acknowledge this and give people time to grieve,” she writes as an explanation.

Within a few days she had already collected 20,000 signatures.

How Le Telegraph reports, she also gets support from a bereavement service for pet owners, Blue Cross.

“We have been supporting grieving pet owners for 25 years and know how devastating the loss of an animal can be.

The despair and grief owners feel when their pet dies can be as bad as when they lose a human family member.”

Anyone who has had a loved pet knows how much they are loved and missed as soon as they leave us.

The time of mourning must be given to the people.

Rest in peace, Millie!


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