Dog saved little kitten from cold death


Animals do not speak like humans, but this does not mean that they do not communicate with each other – even across species boundaries.

Dog Mittens is living proof of this. Her motherly love was so strong that the fact that her adopted child was a cat made no difference.

Close to death from cold


One day the grandson of the pensioner found an abandoned kitten in her barn.

The little one moved in Patricia’s hand, but his body was freezing cold. When she wrapped it in a warm towel, the kitten started miaoing. Then Patricia’s dog Mittens came to the rescue.


She began to lick the kitten’s body to warm her and showered her with motherly love. From that moment on, the two were inseparable.

The rescuers helped the cat back on her feet and gave her protection from the bitter autumn cold. Three days later, something wonderful happened.


Mittens had started to produce milk and was able to breastfeed the kitten. Suddenly she was mom – but a family like that hasn’t seen the world yet.


The overcoming motherly love of this dog saved her life in the middle. What a great adoptive mother!

In the middle there is a heroic mama, as there is in every species. Share this post on Facebook if you would like to have a bitch like her!


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