Dog walked 175 kilometers in the Siberian forest to be with the owner again…


Animals and dogs in particular have so much love to give and are all the more happy as soon as this is also reciprocated by humans.

Such moments are extremely valuable in the life of a dog, but of course also for humans. If nothing worse comes up, this connection usually lasts a lifetime.

And should there still be a separation, the grief on both sides is great and hardly bearable.

In the following case, which took place in Siberia, a dog stood in the center, which was first delivered by her owner, however, then took a far journey on itself, in order to come back again. But unfortunately, this love was not rewarded.

If you as a dog owner are forced to give up your beloved fur nose due to changing life circumstances, this usually happens with a lot of tears and pain.

But for a woman from Siberia, that didn’t seem to be the case. RTL reported.

She gave up her Bullmastiff dog Maru because of an alleged allergy and agreed a recall action with the breeder Alla Morozova. The poor dog was supposed to cover 800 kilometres from Achinsk to Krasnoyarsk, both in Siberia.

It was planned that Maru would travel by train and that a train attendant would keep an eye on the dog.

However, all participants made the calculation without Maru.

At first she was completely confused as to why she had been separated from her beloved owner and on the way she became very afraid and finally had a panic attack.

This caused her to run through the corridor, almost knocking over a conductor, and disappear through the open train door into the night. The train staff still tried to call her back, but it was hopeless.

Maru wanted to return home at all costs.

After probably two and a half days the dog was found completely exhausted in an industrial area in Krasnoyarsk. On the way there it was probably 175 kilometres through Siberian forests.

But despite this proof of love, the owner did not want Maru back.

So that the dog could not run away again, she picked up in this case a friend of the breeder with the car.

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Maru now lives with her parents again until she is adopted by a new family.

At moments like this, you wonder how heartless a person can be? Maru gave everything to stay with her owner, but all her efforts were in vain.

One can only hope that her next family will be more loving to her.

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