Dog was chained by his family in the snow & was fed once a week, woman saved him!


Roscoe actually had a fulfilled dog’s life. Until he suddenly found himself chained up in the snow. Not a trace of his beloved family.

In the US state of Illinois, the owners simply left the dog behind, reports The Dodo.

They tied him to a box to keep him warm in the snow and left him standing. Once a week they’d visit him so he could get food.

But for a dog, a truly unworthy life. Roscoe never gave up.

He waited longingly for the day when someone would finally saved him from this fate.

But it got worse. It snowed more and more, it was unclear whether the dog would survive longer.

Then came Vanessa. His guardian angel.

Vanessa Skavlem was brought to Roscoe via an animal welfare organisation. She saw the thin, trembling four-legged friend in a hurry and knew she had to take him in.

Vanessa knew Roscoe was about to freeze to death. After she freed him, they got in their car and took a picture.

Thereupon one sees the dog, as it cuddles overjoyed in the arms of the woman.

“This is what happiness looks like when you rescue a little dog from a chained life in the snow.” Vanessa wrote about the photo.

After some time at the shelter, where he was nursed and warmed up, Roscoe found a new home.

Thanks are due to all those who work day after day for poor animals in need.


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