Dog was missed for two years until shelter shared a photo, and happy owner recognized dog!


In many families, the pet is a permanent member and is treated with as much love as the rest of the family.

This makes it all the worse for everyone involved if the animal is no longer with them due to illness or other reasons.

But it is even worse if the animal family member has run away or even been stolen.

Exactly this sadly happened to a family from Ukraine, but after a call on Facebook it came to an unexpected and cordial reunion with the beloved four-legged friend.

If the beloved dog runs away, the whole family is usually in turmoil and one puts all levers in motion, so that the fur nose is as soon as possible again at home.

The owner of a dog in Ukraine did the same when dog was stolen from the backyard and disappeared for years, but in vain.

How Le Dodo reported, at the beginning of this month a shelter in the country took in a large, blue-eyed dog who had previously had to live on the street and had apparently not been well treated.

The staff there did everything they could to replenish the fur nose and posted a letter on Facebook so that the animal would hopefully return home soon.

Within a few hours, the contribution was shared hundreds of times by people all over the world.

Source: The Dodo

And in the process one could once again see the power of the social media.

Only two days later the shelter was contacted by a woman who had been missing her beloved animal since 2017, which had been stolen in her backyard.

She wasn’t 100% sure whether the dog in the photo was her fur nose, but she didn’t want to leave it untried.

Hope dies last

Galina Lekunova, an employee of the shelter said to The Dodo:

“She’s been looking for her dog for two years.”

When the two were brought together, the dog and the possible owner, the last doubts were cleared up.

It became more than clear that the animal as well as the woman are happy about all measures to finally see each other again after such a long time.

In the further course of the conversation it came out then that the name of the dog was Lord and all involved were relieved that the long search had been worthwhile nevertheless.

The animal shelter wrote at the end:

“We thank everyone who shared this post.

We thank you that the life of the dog could be saved and the soul of the owner finally experiences peace again”.

Фантастический понедельник!Слезы радости с самого утра! Наш несчастный голубоглазый алабай нашел прежних хозяев! Оказывается, парня выкрали со двора два года назад. Все это время хозяева искали его, размещали фото в группах. И вот оно – чудо. Благодаря вашим репостам собаку увидела подруга семьи, проживающая аж в Австралии!!! Позвонила владельцам и те примчались за своим сокровищем!Теперь у Лордика(да, ещё один Лорд) все будет хорошо! Ну а мы благодарим всех, кто сделал репост, ведь именно благодаря вам спасена собачья жизнь, а в душу хозяев вернулся покой!

Posted by МКП "Щасливі тварини" on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Just great to see how emotional their reunion is.

One can only hope that they will never lose sight of each other again.

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