Dog which has cancer writes his last letter to Santa Claus: “I have only one wish…”


Today on Christmas Eve it is common practice that you give each other presents.

And for those who haven’t opened them yet, there’s still during the course of the day, have the joy that one or the other wish is fulfilled.

Dog Donovan has only one very special wish.

The dog suffers from two different types of cancer and will not be able to stay with us for too long. The Pet Rescue Report has embraced your destiny.

He has only one last but moving wish left.

One of his keepers has written a probably last letter to Santa Claus in the name of dog Donovan, and has published it on Facebook .

The dog with cancer wishes to spend his last days in a circle of family
in dog hospice / care facility.

Donovan’s letter:

“Dear Santa,

I only have one Wish for Chistmas. Can you find me a FOSPICE family and a home. I’ve been a very good boy, all I’ve known is being in a kennel and some nice folks taking care of me, they even let me give them lots of kisses. I see my brothers and sisters get lucky enough and find a family and never come back. All I wish is to have a family and a home to call my own. I promise I will be a good boy if you can answer my wish. I know I might not get that long with them but I will give them all my love. If you can answer my Wish I promise I will have a bunch of cookies and a gallon of milk for you when you come Christmas Eve, I will even give you some of my dog treats to give all of your reindeers and if you cant I wont be mad at you because you answered my wishes 5 years ago for me to be saved and not killed the day before Christmas.


Now the shelter hopes that a loving family will take Donovan to dinner.

The dog still has so much love to give!

Help ensure that Donovan find a new home and share it with your friends.

Merry Christmas!

Location: Roselle. Illinois

Rescue organization: Pets and Vets USA
Phone number: 630-425-0000
Contact person: Peter Thomas


25W571 Lake St.
Roselle, IL 60172

Note: Donovan can be “dog selective.” The rescue group will cover Donovan’s expenses. Please reach out to the rescue group directly with all questions and offers to help. Thank you!


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