Dogs decorate the house for Christmas while the owner works


Having fun with our dogs is always a great idea. This is also proven by an incredibly funny and festive video of the pack of dogs of a man. If you need a short feel-good video that also shows you something funny, then this video is just right for you!

The film shows the dogs who  was home alone while he did some errands outside the house. When the man comes back, he has to realize that his four-legged friends have been up to some festive nonsense.

The eight pets listened attentively to the words of their owner before he left the house. Because every time before the owner leaves the house, he takes a moment to tell his dogs to behave themselves in the house and be nice to each other. You can see that this pack is well educated and trained, because even though the dogs are all of different breeds and sizes, they seem to get along well and are disciplined.

As soon as the door closes behind the owner, the pack gets to work to put up and decorate a beautiful Christmas tree all by themselves. The dogs show a variety of tricks as they move through the room and around the tree, equipping the tree with everything from lights to a garland to a star. To get to the decorations, the dogs must first open a few doors and pull out storage boxes. Inside these boxes they will find everything they need to put their plan into action before their owner comes home and surprises them.

The dogs work together in teams to untangle tangled Christmas lights and garlands so that they can decorate the tree. Little by little all dogs hang up the tree ornaments. Some dogs even go to other dogs to judge their jewelry or to admire their work. On top of that, a dog climbs a ladder to decorate the top of the tree after another dog has put the ladder up for him.

These dogs are extremely entertaining and also remind everyone that Christmas is all about the joy of giving. What better way to celebrate than to come home and see that everything has been festively decorated with devotion and that everyone is ready to celebrate and to distribute the gifts waiting under the festively decorated tree? Did you think that video was funny? Let us know in the comments – and be sure to share this post to your friends and family!


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