England: 8 weeks old dog is found tied by the paws in a bag!


Every day terrible accidents happen with animals. They often make me doubt the world and what exactly is going on right now.

Unfortunately, a similar accident happened recently in the United Kingdom of England. If that wasn’t bad enough, it would be an eight-week-old puppy.

A cute eight-week-old puppy was found in a women’s handbag outside a London shelter. The worst thing about it was that his paws were tied together with a rubber band.

Thank God the bag caught the eye of a passer-by who immediately took the dog to the RSPCA, a large British animal welfare organisation.

Thereupon the puppy was examined by a veterinarian, who unfortunately had to find out that the little dog could soon die.

Source: RSPCA

The puppy, who later got the name Radley, had his paws so tightly tied together that his circulation was blocked.

A note was also found in the bag saying: “I found this dog”. The rescuers also found a closed can of dog food.

In the meantime the puppy is fortunately well again, despite a big trauma and some digestive problems, as the RSPCA reported.

Source: RSPCA

Although Radley is still so small, he has already suffered a lot of bad things in his life.

“There have already been similar cases, but it’s frightening to see how small he still is,” said an RSPCA employee. “Puppies normally have to stay with their mother for up to eight weeks, so Radley could have easily died of the cold if he hadn’t been found in time.”

Source: RSPCA

However, the puppy cannot be adopted yet, he is still in the care of the animal hospital. Next, Radley will be taken to an RSPCA shelter as soon as he’s well again. There will certainly be a suitable place for him to be found.

Meanwhile, authorities are reviewing surveillance camera videos around the site to find out who left the poor little puppy there.

Source: RSPCA

What a cute fur nose! The only consolation in this terrible story is that the little dog will surely recover from the trauma and find a suitable family that loves him and gives him everything he deserves.

We do not know why someone did this to him, but we hope that the person responsible will be found and punished.

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