Florida: Dog Zeus saved two children from poisonous snake & died because of snake bites!


The Richardson family lives in the US state of Florida. A region which is known for the fact that there are already some poisonous animals and snakes on the way.

One family there d have several Pitbulls.

In January, they got little Zeus. As the parents Gary and Georgina reported, they lost their faithful companion only half a year later.

The young Pitbull saved two of the family’s children from a poisonous snake.

A little later Zeus succumbed to the poison bites of the snake.

When the childrenwere playing in the garden that day, a poisonous snake crept up to the little ones.

It could have ended very badly for the children if ¬†dog “Zeus” would not have been attentive.

Even before Gary’s son could notice the snake, the pit bull threw himself on the reptile and attacked it.

“Suddenly he attacked the snake that was already close to my son.”Father explained to Gary. local media.

Dog “Zeus” died of snake bites

Zeus was bitten several times during the fight with the snake. The veterinarian discovered a total of four snake bites.

“When he arrived, I knew something was wrong. I knew he was going to die.”

Yet the family never gave up. Just as Zeus had fought for the life of his human brothers and sisters, so they also wanted to fight for their faithful companion.

Tragically, everything without success. On September 24, the family, together with Zeus’ mom, “Sega”, gathered around the dying dog.

With a broken heart they had to say goodbye.

The vet cost should have been about $1,000. On a donation website the family asked for support.

And numerous people and animal lovers wanted to help the family in this difficult situation.

“It moves me to know how many hearts our ‘boy’ has touched.” wrote¬†Georgina Richardson at the web page.

Zeus is a prime example of how Pitbulls are the most loyal and loving animals when properly raised.

Zeus saved his brother’s life without hesitation.

Rest in peace, brave fur nose!


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