Former circus elephants were 22 years apart, take a look at their emotional reunion!


People could argue against it, but I believe that everyone should accept that all Animals can have feelings.

Some certainly have more pronounced beasts than others, but the time is long gone when we simply saw the animals with whom we share the world as beasts.

Animals can love and grieve just as much because of fear or joy, and again and again pictures and videos that capture these moments prove that.

The American TV station PBS witnessed such a moment and the story behind it became known all over the world. The focus is on two former circus elephant ladies who were separated from each other for 22 years. The recordings show the heartbreaking moment when the two meet again after all these years and you have to see this reunion with your own eyes in order to understand the emotions…

Source: EVOLVE Campaigns/ (screenshot)

The photos were taken in an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, USA, where the elephant ladies Shirley and Jenny can be seen meeting again for the first time after more than two decades.

We know from science that elephants have an impressive memory, but the obvious love and affection they show is simply admirable.

The guards of the nature reserve also took a step aside so that the two elephant ladies could get closer again and revive the friendship from the time when they were circus elephants.

Source: EVOLVE Campaigns/ (screenshot)

Since Shirley and Jenny already recognized each other at the gate, they didn’t waste any time catching up on the twenty years.

Below in the video you can watch the reunion again:

ALL animals deserve a happy life on this planet.

We have no right to lock them up!

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