Germany: Investigators are searching for person which poisoned dogs


The Siberian huskies were treated in an animal clinic.

Six dogs were poisoned with prepared baits in Herzberg (district Göttingen, Germany) – two of the animals subsequently died in an animal clinic. Investigators assume that the poison was spread on a private property last weekend. There’s no trace of the perpetrators yet. Meanwhile the animal protection organization “Peta” has intervened.

What happened? The owner had taken her six Siberian huskies to an animal clinic in Osterode because they suddenly cramped and were lying on the ground with increased salivation. On site, investigations confirmed the serious suspicion.

A dog died a few hours after the poisoning. Another animal was in critical condition and died a few days later. The four other huskies survived the poison attack after medical care and are on their way to recovery.

Meanwhile also the animal protection organization Peta switched itself on according to the Internet side . She has suspended a reward of 1000 euros for clues leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Witnesses who can provide information on the case are asked to call the police on 05521/920010.


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