Gwen was raised as a fighting dog & was depressed, until animal rights activists liberated her!


It is horrible when people train dogs as fighting animals and inflict great suffering on them.

Yet it is still far too often reality.

The worst: The poor dogs are mostly marked for their lives and are not only physically but also psychologically damaged.

Although dog fighting is strictly forbidden in the US and other nations, hundreds of these brutal events still take place.

Animal protectors of the Texas SPCA organization have taken such a fight out and tried to save all the animals. Many of the dogs were overjoyed to see the animal rights activists.

Source: SPCA Texas

This dog was a former fighting dog who was so weak. When the animal rights activists arrived, they found her chained and so weak that she couldn’t even lift her head.

Source: SPCA Texas

She was in such a cruel state that she couldn’t move. They took the poor dog aside and realized that she was completely malnourished, dehydrated and sick.

Her fur was enormous ignited.

Source: SPCA Texas

They immediately took her to the nearby veterinary clinic, where she received a blood transfusion, food and water.

According to the vet who treated her, “almost no blood flowed through her veins” and she was days away from dying.

Source: SPCA Texas

They named the dog Gwen Stefanie after the famous singer to emphasize her “strength, courage and beauty”. After a few days of treatment, her condition slowly began to improve.

She could lift her head and wag her tail.

“She greets everyone with a wagging tail and her smile,” writes SPCA in a press release.

Source: SPCA Texas

As Gwen slowly recovered, she looked more and more like a completely different dog.

She runs around happily and enjoys the newly gained freedom.

Source: SPCA Texas

“Gwen’s missing nothing now. She’s surrounded by people who love her. Now she can play every day!”

Source: SPCA Texas

Now Gwen is a happy dog and one is very happy to see her so happy.

The thanks certainly go to all the unselfish animal lovers who saved dogs!


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