Heartless owner leaves dog behind in the station and ties him to suitcase with all dog toys


As soon as people decide to have a pet or adopt, they also assume a moral and ethical responsibility. Responsibility for the animal. That means a home for this one, water, food and a lot of love.

Unfortunately, however, the situation can change within a family.
Change can happen, for example, that a family member has a allergy to the animal or the family into a financial situation. It’s a tilt that can no longer be averted.

Anyone can meet such a destiny and as a result can it happens that you have to hand in your pet.

If it really comes to that, you need to find a new home for your dog. A first step would be, for instance, to put the animal in an animal shelter where you can take care of it for so long is adopted by a new family.

Unfortunately, many desperate people don’t do that.

The dog of the following case had to experience this painfully on his own body. He was left behind at a train station while tied to a suitcase filled with his favourite things.

The dog was found at a Scottish railway station, such as healthsumo reported. Before, a woman actually wanted to take over the dog from his former owner, but according to her opinion, the dog did not look as announced on the previous photos.

Full of panic to continue to be responsible for the dog,
the man fled without a word, and the woman saw no reason to
to take care of that poor furry nose.

What remained was the poor dog, without an owner and new family.
But so that he would still have a new home as soon as possible,
employees of an animal shelter posted photos on Facebook, which were then became viral.

And fortunately this call bore fruit. The dog was adopted shortly afterwards by a loving family, which gave it the name Kai. From now on Kai had a happy and fulfilled life.

Kai’s story is a sad example of how can be cruel humans to animals, although they still loved them at first.

Remember Kai, the dog found abandoned at a Scottish train station? Meet his new best friend #NewsBeatViralhttp://nbs.io/1CyJ1tE

Posted by Global One News on Thursday, February 5, 2015

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