Hedgehog babies lost their mother in an accident, cat Masya adopted them!


As a young person or also as a young animal one needs first of all security and much love, so that the further life can be tackled.

However, if a child loses its parents at an early age, mental wounds develop which it usually carries with it for the rest of its life.

In the worst case, if you even need a new home or a completely new family, it is important that you are loved by them above all else.

What applies to us humans, such as infinite love, also applies to animals of all kinds.

The following hedgehog babies, who had lost their mother in a tragic accident and were shown from the very beginning how rough and hard life can be, also had to experience this.

Eight small hedgehogs were affected and lost their access to care and food. Without their mother they were on their own and one can assume that they did not know how to go on.

But the rescue was closer than they thought and would come from a side no one had expected before.

The Sadgorod Zoo in the Russian city of Vladivostok then took care of the motherless hedgehogs, who became increasingly skinny over time, but, according to the BBC refused to be fed a syringe or a vial.

Situation worsened

But soon the situation became critical. The zoomers realized that things couldn’t go on like this, otherwise the poor hedgehogs wouldn’t survive.

At the same time, the keepers saw that the cat Masya still had milk left after having taken several animals for care. And they were lucky: the hedgehogs took Masya as their new mother and she also accepted her new foster family.

At the first encounter the cat immediately lay down so that the hedgehogs felt and smelled her warmth and welcoming smell. Shortly afterwards, the hungry hedgehogs also began to take in the new mother’s milk.

At the  the video you can watch this special moment for yourself:

That’s what I call love at first sight.

Great how Masya’s love and maternal instinct convinced the hedgehogs.

You can’t imagine what else could have happened to the hedgehog babies.

Thank you, Mother Masya.


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