Homeless dog can’t believe in her luck when woman tries to save her


Dogs are wonderful animals that only need a home and a family to give all their love. Unfortunately, there are also many who are forced to live on the streets.

Either because they were left behind or already born there, one way or another, street life is extremely tough for animals. Fortunately, there are animal-loving souls who take care of these animals and do everything they can to change their fate.

The following case fits to this, where a woman was on her way to a yoga vacation and suddenly found a dog in an unfortunate condition.

When Tania Cappelluti wanted to fly to Costa Rica on a yoga vacation and saw a poor dog lying on the street, she couldn’t help herself.

She immediately tried to help the dog and that is not surprising, because Tania is one of the founders of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, an organization that rescues abandoned animals. Tania is therefore very sensitive when it comes to caring for sick animals.

She got out of the car and tried to give the dog something, but she was too shy to take anything. When that didn’t work, Tania drove on, but at the same time decided to come back the next day.

She did the same and the next day Tania came back with two friends, Olivia and Blendan. As the three of them approached the poor dog, she immediately collapsed and began to howl.

The dog was in an unfortunate condition, full of ticks, fleas and very dehydrated.

Tania and her friends gave the dog water and food, but the poor animal could hardly stand on her paws.

With the help of her friends, Tania decided to take Gaia, as they had called the dog by now, to an animal shelter and thus to a temporary home. There she shared the place with other animals, and could finally recover.

And the efforts were rewarded. Gaia recovered and then one day… she got a new home. Meanwhile the dog lives in a house with her French owners and has already learned to give paws to her new owners.

It breaks my heart that animals like Gaia have to go through something like this. But I thank this organization is doing a great work helping these poor animals. Thank you!


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