How to get the dog to lose less hair


Although sometimes it’s sweet to find those memories on our clothes when we’re at work, it can become a problem. Especially when we try to keep our house in order. We give you some tricks to make your dog less hair loose.

If you want to get your dog to let out less hair, the first thing to keep in mind is to know your dog’s coat shedding cycles. This will vary according to breed, but in general, most dogs shed their hair twice a year.

Despite the fact that the breed affects the hair loss of the dog, in an alarming majority of the cases Excessive hair loss is not due to shedding, but to poor hygiene or eating habits.

To prevent your dog from loosing too much hair, keep the following in mind:

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  • One of the main causes of hair loss occurs because the dog may not be getting adequate nutrition. Many of the foods, especially human food, can cause problems within the dog’s body. skin problems This is mainly because the dog is not absorbing nutrients well and this can be very harmful. The best thing about power is to consult your vet in advance and correct his diet if necessary.
  • When you notice that your dog is losing more hair than normal, check if the fall is joint or sectored.. Check for skin lesions, breakouts, or other signs of curtness. This may indicate that you have a disease or skin problem. If this is the case, take it to your vet immediately to start treatment.
  • The best way to prevent your dog from releasing too much hair is to brush it frequently. The frequency of the brushing depends on the type of hair your dog has, for example, those with short, thin hair should brush once a week, while those with long hair or thick coat should brush at least twice a week. This will remove the coat that has already fallen off and prevent tangling and tearing off the coat that has not yet fallen off.

How to brush the dog’s hair

To brush the dog’s hair you should use a metal bristle brush, especially for pets. The process is really simple and it’s best to get the dog used to doing this since he’s a puppy so that you don’t have any problem doing it later.

Make sure the brush matches your hair type. Otherwise, you may mistreat or hurt your dog and he won’t get brushed, as it will associate the activity with a bad experience.

To begin the process, call your dog and pet him, do this only when you are calm and relaxedThe ideal time is after a walk, this way you will be tired and the excess energy will not be an inconvenience.

Brush its back, legs, head and tail with the brush. Also brush the thoracic area, but be careful, this area is very delicate.

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Once the first brushing is finished, remove the hairs from the brush and repeat the procedure, but this time, against hair. This way, you remove all the hair that is about to come loose and give it a deeper brushing.

If you’re going to apply talcum powder flea control. Take the opportunity to do so while brushing against hair, so it will settle better on the dog’s inner coat.

To conclude, brushes it back in the direction the hair grows and collects all the remaining hairs on the brushon its back and on the ground.

Keep in mind that, just as in humans, hair loss in dogs is also associated with stress.
Therefore, watch for signs of anxiety or distress and try to determine the situations that are causing your dog’s anxiety or distress.


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