“I hope, I could make the world a little bit better” – touching farewell letter of a cancer patient


Benjamin Wollmershäuser already writes on 20 March: “It doesn’t look good”. Over 40,000 people on Facebook have been following the 28-year-old’s life for years at this time.

Everyone has to deal with death, because it is part of life. And only very few have the chance to know beforehand that the time has come. Everyone can decide for themselves whether they would wish to know it at least in advance to be able to say goodbye.

Nevertheless, nobody wishes to leave this earth at the age of 28. But if someone had told Benjamin nine years ago that he would do this, he would probably have taken it rather positively. Cancer was discovered in Baden-Württemberg at the age of 20.

It was May 18, 2010, Benjamin Wollmershäuser gets the shocking diagnosis: colorectal cancer.

The doctors couldn’t say how long he’d live. One thing was for sure, it would be a tough fight. For a young man, this is one of the worst news he can get.

Writing as a way out

He needed distraction, a valve. He found this in recording his experiences, feelings and thoughts in a blog and sharing them with the outside world. Cancelling Cancer – No Way to Far he called his Facebook page, where he shared texts and pictures with his followers. In the meantime, the figure has risen to over 40,000.

Heute war ein sehr schöner Tag ? Mein Restless legs Syndrom ist schon 3 Wochen ruhig (ist wie ne chronisch entzündliche…

Posted by Cancelling Cancer – Kein Weg zu Weit on Sunday, January 20, 2019

The course of the disease had its victims. Benjamin carried more and more restrictions and problems through his life.

On 17 March 2019, almost nine years after his diagnosis, there was a major setback. He wakes up in a pool of blood, the bowel’s involved. Benjamin himself writes in his blog:

Oh, shit. Woke up in a pool of blood. Doesn’t look good….. Love you.

Posté par Cancelling Cancer – No Way to Far on Dimanche 17 mars 2019

The 28 year old man should recover a little bit, but he himself writes“From now on, a life-threatening hemorrhage can start at any time…”

“Enjoy life”

Four days later the time should come. After almost nine years of fighting and the steady victory over the sickness Benjamin Wollmershäuser was to address his readers and friends one last time, simply because he went on and on.

He wrote in his last note:

“OK, that’s  now… The farewell letter. We’re going faster than we thought, but that’s not so bad. Lost a lot of fluids and blood. We’re not doing anything now, just liquid. Luckily, I don’t have nausea and pain. And if they do, we’ll get it under control. It’s all good, it’s okay. It’s all been discussed. Nine years is more than anyone would have expected. I’m sorry, I can’t read the comments and messages to the blog. Just too much. I hope with my blog and my commitment I was able to make a difference to make the world a better place.”

“It’s hard to find words. Thank you for every constructive word and for every comment or message. Thank you for giving me strength and a meaning in life. Thanks for everything. Watch your body and listen to warning signals. But above all: Enjoy life, because it is beautiful! And maybe think about me.

The way has always been the goal”

It is a touching way to bring these thoughts and words together. Very few people can really put themselves in his shoes. But his eyes were always on others, hoping to make a difference and live life as long as possible.

“Now is the time”

His wife Sabrina was always at his side. She’s also the one who, one day after Benjamin’s suicide notewhose Facebook page is aimed at friends and readers.

In the night from Thursday to Friday it was so far…

“In the night Benni, the greatest husband, my best friend, soul mate, my rock in the surf, my nonsense head, my hero, my ray of hope, a brave and courageous fighter, fell asleep peacefully.”

Dear ones, I have long known that one day I (Sabrina) will have to write these lines. Now it is so…

Posté par Cancelling Cancer – No Way to Far on Vendredi 22 mars 2019

She also knows about the meaning, the encouragement, tips and compassion that Benjamin was allowed to experience through the comments of his readers. So she again directed moving words in their direction:

“I am overwhelmed by the traces Benni has left in this world, how many people he has touched and how great the sadness and sympathy are.

I would like to thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for encouraging Benni again and again to keep this blog, which was so close to his heart, alive with him. Thank you for always being there for him and also for me, and for accompanying Benni on this way. No way too far to go together to geh´n…”

Just like her husband, she ends her words with “the way has always been the goal…”.

It is an incredibly moving story of a man and the fight against a deadly disease.

I don’t want to talk about him losing this one. He won it every day that he lived on, giving hope and affection to his readers, his family and himself.

Rest in peace, Benjamin.

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