In these 8 ways your body reacts when the dog sleeps in bed with you.


If you let the dog sleep in the bed or not, that is (often) the question. Personally I think that it is very comfortable to sleep next to my dog, it calms me down immensely. It just means I have to wash my sheets more often.

In general, dog owners have different opinions on this subject; some think it is unhygienic, others think it is comfortable and necessary for a healthy sleep.

But scientists have now discovered that there are many advantages to letting your four-legged friend sleep next to you.

Get to the bottom of this.

For one study, 150 participants from the Center for Sleep Medicine at Mayo Hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, were examined and the results are truly amazing.

Among the participants, 56 percent said they shared their bed with their dog or cat. And among them, 41 percent said the animal helped them sleep better at night, the British daily quotes Daily Mail.

Research has shown that in many cases an animal in bed calms the owner because they feel safer with their pet.

Still not convinced? Then read through the eight reasons why, according to the study, it is better for you if your animal sleeps next to you in bed.

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1. Comfortable

Having your four-legged friend with you and being able to cuddle with him at any time puts you in a better mood before going to bed.

2. Helps you to switch off your thoughts

I often find it hard to fall asleep at night and I know I’m not the only one. The study states that a dog reduces stress and makes you calmer, which makes it easier for you to switch off your thoughts.

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3. Reduces stress

As already indicated, dogs reduce stress. Therapy dogs are the best example of how animals help people who suffer from traumatic events.

4. Care for warmth

Dogs like to be close to us and just in winter they provide the extra warmth in bed.

5. Reduces the risk of depression

Dogs offer unconditional love. For people suffering from depression, being close to a dog helps them to feel better.

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6. Safe place

Even if your dog is not the best guard dog, we always feel a little better when a dog is at your side. They’re a good deterrent to those trying to break into your home. And to know that the dog, because of his good hearing, will immediately notice an intruder and warn us, causes us a feeling of higher security.

7. Beneficial for your dog

When your dog is at your side at night, it’s not only you who feel better, your dog also appreciates the extra comfort. Because there is no one in the world that your dog prefers more than you, that’s why he loves to lie next to you in bed.

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8. Dogs are good for your well-being

Feeling calm, safe and happy because your dog is sleeping next to you is caused by your brain reacting to the increase in oxytocin levels when you stroke your dog, for example. The release of the oxytocin hormone increases the feeling of relaxation, confidence and psychological stability. This is not only good for your mood, but according to the study also for your brain.

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