Injured and abandoned: street dog collapsed in front of stranger


Street dogs have become a big problem in many countries. Not only that the dogs are often very sick and weak.

In their desperation, they also become partly a danger for people.

Again and again fates of dogs that have already given up reach us.

Like street dog Harper. She was scarred and lived on the street.

Source: Furever Bully Love Rescue/Facebook

Florida/USA: Some animals have been so abused that they seem very dangerous at first. Maltreated animals are often very temperamental.

As a animal welfarist met street dog Harper, who had scars all over her body, she knew she had to act quickly to save her life.

The Redlands (a community with no legal capacity in the US state of Florida) is considered a place where dogs are repeatedly abandoned and abused.

Every day the animal welfare organisation “Redland Rock Pit – Exposed Dogs Project” brings dog food to the Redlands to feed the animals on the street.

Source: Furever Bully Love Rescue/Facebook

Every day, the animal rights activists give over 150 kilograms of dog food to street dogs so that they can survive there.

Natalie Oliveri, President of the Furever Bully Love Rescue who are based in Orlando, USA, helped the animal rights activists feed one day when she found street dog Harper.

Harper was there with a group of other dogs and collapsed in front of the strangers.

The experienced groomer immediately noticed that Harper was traumatized and she recognized countless scars on her body. She knew she couldn’t leave the dog here.

Source: Furever Bully Love Rescue/Facebook

She took Harper to the vet. There she was treated against worms, her gum inflammation and other diseases were treated as well as possible.

Natalie told later that Harper did not move for three days while they showered the keepers with love and attention as best they could.

Now she lives with Cheryl Kessler, who explains that Harper is now a much happier dog.

Source: Furever Bully Love Rescue/Facebook

We are glad that Harper has found a loving home.

Nevertheless, thousands of dogs still live on the streets, many of them sick and injured.


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