Joggers heard funny noises in the forest and saved 5 lives


Ashley and her jogging partner Joshua walked through the forests of Tennessee as so often.

But on this day her running tour should take a slightly different way than usual.

By the end of their training, Ashley and Josh had saved five small creatures that someone in the woods had left to die.

Ashley and Josh were at Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee when they heard a strange noise halfway through the forest. The rustling seemed to come very close to their way, and they stopped to take a closer look.

It was just a little rustling that struck us.“Blake said to Blake. The Dodo. „It’s common to hear forest animals, and that’s exactly what we were expecting. We turned around and saw this black heap.“

Facebook/ Ashley Blake

The two joggers approached the pile carefully and quickly noticed that they were by no means forest animals.

There were five huddled puppies.” said Blake. „It was near freezing and they tried to keep warm. As a cross-country runner you see many animals, but never puppies.

Facebook/ AshleyBlake

The couple immediately called for help. While waiting for support, they lovingly cared for the puppies and did their best to protect them from the cold.

They were scared and they were crying.” said Blake. „They calmed down when they realized we wouldn’t hurt them and we were warm..“

Fortunately, the puppies had found their lifesavers.

Facebook/ AshleyBlake

Finally, a ranger came to the site. It quickly became clear that the puppies couldn’t have gotten lost in the woods by themselves.

A trail leads through the forest very close to the place where the puppies were found. Unfortunately, many people use it as an unloading point for their unwanted pets.

They were set down without food, water, blanket or mother.„, so Blake. „The Park Ranger said this was not the first time puppies had been unloaded at this location.

Facebook/ AshleyBlake

The ranger took the puppies to his car. They were finally in safe hands – just because Ashley and Joshua had decided to check out the strange noise in the woods.

Without them, the dogs would probably have starved or frozen to death.

Facebook/ AshleyBlake

A new beginning for the puppies

The dogs stayed overnight in the house of the ranger, who handed them over to an animal protection organization the next day.

The two runners paid a visit to the dogs whose lives they had saved, and Joshua decided to adopt one of them himself.

Facebook/ AshleyBlake

Barkley, as the puppy is called today, has found a new home with his rescuers. They’ll never abandon him there as heartlessly as they did their previous owner.

Facebook/ AshleyBlake

The four remaining puppies came into the Oak Ridge Animal Shelter in Tennessee, where they’ve certainly been given to loving families by now.

It remains to be hoped that Barkley and his brothers and sisters will have a happy life ahead of them – a chance that has almost been taken away from them forever.

Because Ashley and Joshua didn’t just go on running, and because the ranger and the animal welfare workers were so devoted to the little ones, nothing stands in the way of their happiness anymore.

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