Just skin and bones: conscienceless owners left dog Aaron to starve in the apartment


We are always anxious to offer our family members the best possible life.

In many families the pet also belongs to it. Whether cat, guinea pig or one of the most popular is the dog, they are an integral part of everyday family life.

Unfortunately, nevertheless, news of abandoned dogs reach us again and again. In the worst case, they are maltreated, tortured or left to die.

In Austria only a few days ago a poor fur nose was rejected by the owner. He was ┬ásaved from starvation…

A dog left behind was found in an abandoned apartment.

Aaron is a bulldog mongrel and three years old.

We’re lucky he’s still alive. How to Animal shelter Krems writes, “What kind of people are they?” It shows immediately that the dog must have experienced a terrible suffering again.

All that’s left is skin and bones

The dog’s unscrupulous owners simply left him in the abandoned apartment after they moved.

Aaron had been left completely emaciated in the now filthy apartment.

The Animal shelter published Pictures of the completely malnourished four-legged friend. Aaron consists almost entirely of skin and bones.

Since the facility is already overcrowded, Aaron currently lives in the staff room and is slowly being nursed up there.

“At the moment, he’s being intensified med is supervised. We hope he won’t retain any organic damage. By the way, Aaron is three years old, a very nice boy! Of course he urgently needs a loving place to live! The unscrupulous owners were of course displayed,” says the animal shelter know.

We hope that the owners will be duly prosecuted.

But above all, it is important that Aaron gets a loving new home.

Together for the protection of animals!


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