Kidnapped pug “Coffee” was found by passer-by


And again a happy ending shortly before Christmas around a missing or kidnapped dog in Vienna: The little pug had been snatched from two girls by an unknown woman on Monday, as reported.

The two schoolgirls, eleven and twelve years old, were on Monday afternoon in the Nordbahnstra├če, Vienna, Austria in the direction of Praterstern with the four-legged friend on their way to go for a walk with him. Suddenly the two were approached by an unknown woman who wanted to go for a walk with the dog, as she informed the girls in writing, apparently by notepad and pen.

The children refused and went on, but the unknown followed the two. Suddenly everything went very quickly: According to the police, there was a brief struggle between the woman and the girls, and then the stranger snatched the dog from the girls and ran off in the direction of Brigittenau.

“Coffee” turned up again.
The incident was reported to the police, and a friend of the owner also shared a search call on Facebook. On Tuesday evening the redeeming news: the four-month-old “Coffee” has reappeared.

He is said to have been found on the street by a passer-by in the Favoriten district, as reported by Hunde-Such-Hilfe ├ľsterreich on Facebook. The finder went with the dog first to the veterinarian, since of the owner each trace was missing, is called it.

Chip led to success
The doctor then recognized the dog – due to the search call. Since the dog had been chipped, the owners could be found,” police spokeswoman Irina Steirer told “As a result, the owners were informed. It remains unclear how the animal got from the second district to Favorites.

Maggie’s back home too.
Dog “Maggie” could also be found again. The dog had been kidnapped by a stranger in front of a supermarket in Liesing, Austria. In the night hours of the next day a relative could catch the “Maggie” wandering around near the house of her owners. The perpetrator may have simply abandoned the animal – possibly due to public pressure.

Continue search for “Dino”
The owners of “Dino” continue to hope for a happy ending. As reported, the little dog had been kidnapped in front of a supermarket. Since then the search for the little male has been feverish.

So far, however, every trace of “Dino” is still missing.


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