Kitten got lost on motorway, police came in time!


Each of us has probably already seen a neglected animal on the street, which neither has a home nor could help itself.

For this reason it is all the more important to help these poor little animals in time so that they do not get into even greater difficulties.

Normally, these creatures tend to live in the city and try to make ends meet there in some way.

The following case is even more dramatic because a little kitten was unaware of what a life-threatening situation she was in.

Of course you can’t help every poor street animal, but there are far too many of them. But if you should find an animal in the greatest need, you must not hesitate a second and must use all levers to help it.

Fortunately, most drivers reacted like this when they found a frightened kitten on the highway, as the picture reported.

Accordingly, the incident occurred on the A5 near Friedberg, when the passing cars became aware of something small.

After a closer look it was clear what it was about: a little kitten.

This one wandered helplessly along the central reservation, without any plan of what was going on around him.

Fortunately several drivers informed the motorway police Mittelhessen, whereby the small, hairy creature could be picked up at the level of the exit Bad Nauheim.

As you can see on the photo, the officer can simply put the kitten into a glove, it is still so small.

After the rescue, the small ball of wool was taken to an animal shelter where it can recover.

That’s a big luck that nothing happened to that little animal.

A big thank you goes here to the responsible police and the attentive drivers.

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