Kitten sought shelter in law firm office, company made him an employee!


Cats can be lovely companions, even in the office. There are already places like bookstores where cats live and simply become part of the shop – a kind of mascot.

Nevertheless, one would not expect them in serious and very formal offices like a law firm. There would probably be a cat outlawed, wouldn’t it?

But when a stray, lovable cat came into a Brazilian office, the staff decided to take her in.

It all began on a stormy night in Amapa, Brazil. A stray cat decided to take shelter from the rain and lightning. She was admitted to an office of the Brazilian Bar Association.

It pleased the cat even so good that she decided to stay there longer and many of the employees began to take her into their hearts.

“For a week he was fed and protected in a box,” a spokesman told Panda ennuyé. They called the cat Leon.

However, not everyone was in favour of Leon being allowed to stay in the office.

Dr. Jaenette Laredo wrote down Facebook:

“Unfortunately, there were some who started complaining that a cat was sitting at the entrance trying to greet the newcomers.”

Despite the complaints, the employees did not want to give up their new boyfriend… so they looked for a solution: they gave Leon a job.

“They said there was no room for him, it’s a serious facility. So the president decided to hire him and gave him an employee ID card.”

Leon became a real part of the lawyers. He is called Dr. Leon Advogato (“lawyer” in Portuguese) and carries the title “Vigia da OAB” which translates as “watchdog of the office”. His duties are to be welcomed among other people in the office.

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Essa postagem n° 100 tem um sabor especial!! Quem me acompanhou até aqui sabe o quanto esse crachá foi importante pra mim. Graças a ele, cresci saudável, amado e forte. Mas é hora de virar a página! Agradeço a todos que me seguiram até, mas é hora de se despedirem do pequenino Leon. Não, não fui demitido! ? Mas não sou mais um bebê! Fui promovido a CEO do INSTITUTO LEON DE DEFESA DOS ANIMAIS, agora sou de fato o Dr. Leon, e prometo ajudar os animais abandonados e maltratados de onde eu puder alcançar. Agradeço a confiança e o incentivo do Presidente e dos amigos envolvidos no projeto. Quer ser amiga(o) do Instituto Leon? Siga, marque seus amigos e aguarde a novidade de amanhã!! #InstitutoLeon

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Although there were employees who were very sceptical about the matter at first, everyone has become warm with him in the meantime.

“Today, he’s popular with everyone. Even those who didn’t like him got used to his presence and had fun with him.”

In addition, Leon’s health is said to have improved significantly. Within two months he has recovered completely and is healthy.

The story of “Dr. Leon”, from a street cat to a lawyer, has even brought him public attention. Over 60,000 people follow his Instagram account.

Unfortunately there are still enough cats that live on the street and are not as lucky as Leon. But he has at least managed to inspire his office to do something for his fellow artists.

“We finalize the documents to build a new animal welfare institute. It’s Instituto Dr. Leon.”

It’s inspiring to see how Leon can make such a big difference.


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